The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding can be hectic without the knowledge of how to plan one.

A wedding checklist is a great way to organize your thoughts and plans so that you can relax during your engagement. Following a specific timeline determined by the wedding checklist will assist you in planning a happy union.

Planning anything can be difficult, and a wedding is no exception. Even for the organized person, a pre-made wedding checklist can do wonders on easing up a frantic mind. Take a look at this detailed wedding checklist provided by to help you maintain a cool head while under the pressure of planning a wedding.

Your Wedding Checklist: essential wedding tasks month by month

Easy Wedding Checklist

Start your wedding planning with an easy-to-use wedding checklist that will keep you organized and on top of things! I suggest you print out these wedding checklists and put them in your wedding notebook for easy reference.

Your Wedding Checklist: 10 to 12 months before your wedding

____Read The First Ten Steps for a Newly Engaged Couple
____Tell your parents, important family members, and close friends the good news! How to Announce Your Engagement
____You might also want to announce your engagement in the newspaper, on a wedding website with an email sent out to all your friends, or in the most traditional way, with mailed engagement announcements
____Have an engagement party, if you’d like
____Envision the tone of your wedding: Formal or casual? Day or evening? Religious or secular?
____Consider having a wedding theme, which will help pull together the style, look, and feel of your wedding
____Choose your wedding colors, which will add visual unity.
____Set your budget, read Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
____Decide who will pay for the wedding. Will your parents cover it all? Can you contribute? How will expenses be split?
____Start your guest list
____Select date and time. Have backup dates in mind, in case a key element is unavailable.
____Select and reserve your ceremony and reception sites
____Hire a wedding consultant, if you’re using one
____Choose and book your wedding officiant
____Choose bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers
____Meet with florists, caterers, and musicians.
____Arrange for a tasting with your caterer

Your Wedding Checklist: 8 to 10 months before your wedding

____Shop for and order your wedding dress and accessories, including veil, gloves and shoes

____Sign a contract with your wedding caterer

____Book wedding florist and choose arrangements
____Book your musicians and/or DJ for both ceremony and reception
____Select and confirm your wedding photographer (and your videographer, if you’re using one.)
____Look into wedding insurance and decide if it’s a good option for you
____Plan your honeymoon
____Shop for and order your bridesmaid dresses
____If you’re making your own wedding favors, start doing so now.
____Meet with wedding cake designers or bakers and arrange for a tasting (Yum!)

Your Wedding Checklist: Four to six months before your wedding

____Send save-the-date announcements or call out of town guests to let them know the final date, time, and location of the wedding.
____If you’re purchasing wedding favors, do so now
____Start planning your rehearsal dinner. Give the host(s) your guest list
____Examine your beauty regimen. Read Five months to perfect wedding day beauty
____If your caterer isn’t doing it for you, reserve any rental equipment you’ll need, including dishes, tables, chairs, linens, tents
____Register for gifts
____Select your wedding cake designer, and order your wedding cake
____Arrange wedding transportation
____Order stationery
____Select a calligrapher, if you’re using one
____Select the groom’s tuxedo or other attire, what the groomsmen will wear, and arrange to purchase or rent
____Purchase your wedding rings. Consider having your wedding rings engraved.
____Book wedding night accommodations and accommodations for out-of-town guests
____Buy gifts for your wedding party, parents, and each other.
____If you’re changing into “going away outfits” before you leave the reception, purchase those now

Your Wedding Checklist: Two to three months before your wedding

____Give a list of “Must Take” photographs to your wedding photographer
____Discuss your wedding menu with your caterer
____Meet with your officiant to discuss the wedding ceremony
____Write your wedding vows
____Attend any bridal showers
____Mail your wedding invitations
____Think about your wedding hair and makeup – If you’re doing your own, try out hairstyles, purchase any extra makeup, think about having a “makeover party” with your girlfriends.
____Book your hairstylist and/or makeup artist, if you’re using them. Meet with each of them to experiment with styles and colors
____Schedule your wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
____If your state requires it for a marriage license, make blood test appointments
____If you’re going to change your name, complete those documents
____Send wedding announcements to local newspapers

Your Wedding Checklist: The month of your wedding

It’s finally here! There’s just a few more things to do to make sure everything’s perfect
____Apply for your marriage license.
____Have your final gown fitting. It’s helpful to have a bridesmaid with you to learn how to bustle your train and fasten any tricky buttons (and help you go to the bathroom, if you’ve got a big wedding dress!)
____Check with your bridesmaids and groomsmen to make sure they’ve gotten their attire, confirm arrival times, and answer any last minute questions
____Contact your vendors (caterer, officiant, cake baker, photographer, videographer, florist, musicians, transportation, hotels) to confirm arrival and delivery times.
____Write and print your wedding program
____Create welcome baskets or bags for out-of-town guests
____Send change-of-address information to post office
____Write thank you cards as you receive wedding gifts
____Ask your mother or maid of honor to contact any guests who have not RSVP’d
____Read Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Beauty

Your Wedding Checklist: One to Two Weeks Ahead

____Arrange seating plan, and write place cards
____Give your final head count to your caterer, and confirm any last minute details
____Write toasts for the rehearsal dinner and reception
____Try on your wedding shoes, and wear them on carpeted surfaces around the house
____Arrange for a plant waterer/pet sitter/babysitter while you are on your honeymoon
____Pick up your wedding dress
____Attend your bachelor party or bachelorette party, if you’re having them
____Send your travel plans and contact information to a family member and your house sitter (in case of emergency)
____Finalize seating chart

Your Wedding Checklist: The Day Before Your Wedding

____Do something to relax and enjoy the company of your out-of-town friends
____Assign responsibilities to your wedding party (handing out corsages and boutonnieres, greeting and seating guests, checking on vendors)
____Confirm wedding day transportation
____Have a manicure and pedicure or other pre-wedding spa pampering.
____Give your wedding party gifts
____Rehearse ceremony
____Hold the rehearsal dinner

Your Wedding Checklist: Day of the Wedding

____Give thank you gifts to your parents
____Enjoy your wedding!

With the guidance of this wedding checklist, your big day is sure to be a success! It may all seem overwhelming with so many tasks to do, but each crossed off assignment on your wedding checklist is a step closer to a fantastic wedding. Weddings are supposed to be filled with joy and happiness, not stress and anxiety. A wedding checklist is a smart and practical way to ensure that the joy far outweighs the stress.

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