The Benefits of Shopping Locally

Shopping local benefits the local community and economy.

Farmer selling organic peppers

While corporations are dominating the market, it is important for everyone to remember their local small businesses when shopping. You vote with your dollar, so if you want to endorse small business and give back to the local community you must show support by shopping small. Here are some other benefits of shopping locally.

1. Local Businesses are Better for the Environment

Local business owners care more about the environment in their town than the big chain stores. The truth of the matter is that most small business owners live in or around the town where the business is located, unlike the owners of the chain stores. Therefore, they care about the environment of the town.

Local businesses that are conveniently located can decrease automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution. Plus, many local businesses utilize materials and goods that are local, which means less pollution and consumption of fossil fuels in order to transport the merchandise. A locally-sourced restaurant, for example, buys their ingredients from farmers down the road rather than shipping it from across the country.

2. Recycling Revenue

Local businesses, unlike big chain stores, tend to keep more dollars in the local economy. This is important because the more money that comes back into the community means the more money the town will have to flourish. The dollars that are coming into the local economy from the locally-owned businesses will help the town develop and be maintained.

3. Strong Communities

Shopping locally will help sustain lively town centers. They will also make it so that neighbors are able to make strong economic and social relationships that will be an advantage in the end. Going into a shop where you know the owner by name makes you more likely to buy from them.  Most of the money is going back into the community, rather than in the pockets of CEOs across the country. Another benefit to the community of local businesses is that they are more likely to donate to local causes. Shopping locally makes the whole community a better place to live.

In this world, where many places look and feel the same with big chain stores and fast food restaurants, local businesses are a gem. Local stores help preserve the charm and character of your town. This is a huge benefit because the charm of your town can draw tourists, which means more business for the locals, and more money coming into the town.

4. Variety of Products

Small, local businesses tend to focus on the needs of their customers rather than a national sales plan. This makes it so that they provide products that you, as a consumer, want.  Many local businesses focus on the needs of the community, which results in a broader range (and better quality) of products.

5. People That Care About the Community

When it comes time for decisions to be made in the community, you can be sure that the local business owners are on your side. Not only do they own a business in the community, but many live there too. This means that they care more about the betterment of the community and the decisions being made, because they will also feel the impact of those decisions.

6. Employment and Fair Wages

Local businesses tend to hire more locally which is an economic benefit for the community. Less unemployment means less violence in the community and more revenue being recycled. Local business owners are also known to give fair wages when compared to big chain stores.

7. Local Businesses Require Less Infrastructure

It is known that big chain stores can require millions of dollars in order to be built and be successful. On the other hand, local businesses require less money to run. Another benefit is that they are more efficient when it comes to public services, which means in the end it saves money.

8. More Small Businesses Means More Healthy Competition

Competition between businesses is a healthy part of the economy. If your community’s marketplace has many small businesses competing, it ensures innovation and lower prices. Unlike with the big chain stores, competition between local businesses warrants low prices over the long-term, because the stores’ competition is less likely to change.

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